At Freese, Peralez, & Associates, We’re Preparing for Enhanced IRS Focus on High-Wealth Taxpayers

by | Jan 23, 2024

Understanding the IRS's Increased Scrutiny

At Freese, Peralez, & Associates, we are closely monitoring the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) heightened enforcement actions targeting wealthy tax evaders. Recent efforts have led to an impressive collection of an additional $360 million in overdue taxes from delinquent millionaires. This marks a significant increase in IRS vigilance and efficiency, pushing the total collection to nearly half a billion dollars.

Impact of Consistent Funding and Policy Changes

Despite potential funding cuts, IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel has shown a firm commitment to using available resources efficiently to benefit taxpayers. With $20 billion at risk of being rescinded over two years, the importance of consistent funding for the IRS's impact is more pronounced than ever. We at Freese, Peralez, & Associates understand how these changes can affect our clients and are prepared to navigate these developments.

The Democratic Perspective and Tax Policy Adjustments

The IRS's intensified efforts align with the Democrats' focus on taxing the rich in the run-up to the 2024 elections. Last year's tax-and-climate law, which secured significant IRS funding, is a testament to this strategy. Progressive lawmakers, including Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, are pushing for additional measures, such as the elimination of the carried interest tax break.

IRS Modernization and Tax Threshold Changes

The Inflation Reduction Act's allocation of $80 billion for IRS modernization has been pivotal. This funding is being used to enhance taxpayer services and target wealthy taxpayers more effectively. At Freese, Peralez, & Associates, we are particularly attentive to how these funds are being utilized, especially regarding policy changes like the increase in income thresholds for tax brackets and adjustments in contribution limits for retirement accounts.

Navigating a Politically Charged Environment

The IRS's push towards stricter enforcement has sparked debate, with differing views on how it might impact economic growth. At Freese, Peralez, & Associates, we believe in staying ahead of these discussions, ensuring that our clients are well informed and prepared for any changes in the tax landscape.

Preparing for the Future with Freese, Peralez, & Associates

As we approach the 2024 elections and potential tax code revisions, it's clear that the IRS is set on ensuring that high-wealth individuals and corporations meet their tax obligations. In this evolving landscape, staying informed and prepared is crucial. At Freese, Peralez, & Associates, we are committed to guiding our clients through these changes. To stay ahead in your tax planning and understand how these developments may affect you, we invite you to visit us at or call us for a consultation. Together, we can navigate this shifting tax landscape and optimize your financial strategies.