Crunching Numbers & Cracking Shells

by | Feb 29, 2024

Navigating Tax Season with the Same Zeal as Crawfish Season in Houston!

As we find ourselves deep in the throes of tax season, it's hard not to notice the parallel excitement buzzing around The Woodlands and Houston for another, much-anticipated season - Crawfish Season! While one involves crunching numbers, the other involves cracking shells, both require a level of preparation and enthusiasm unique to our vibrant city.

Crawfish and Deductions: A Houstonian's Guide to Seasonal Multitasking

In Houston, we know two things for sure as spring approaches: it's time to get our tax documents in order and our crawfish pots boiling. Just as you'd meticulously prepare your boil with the perfect blend of spices, consider your tax preparation with the same attention to detail. Ensure you've gathered all necessary documents, from W-2s and 1099s to receipts for deductible expenses. And remember, just like choosing the right size of crawfish can make or break your boil, selecting the right tax firm, can significantly impact your return.

Maximizing Returns and Flavor: Tips for Success

  1. Stay Organized: Just as you sort your crawfish by size, organize your tax documents early in the season. This makes the process smoother and helps ensure you don't miss any potential deductions or credits.

  2. Know Your Deductions: Much like knowing the perfect amount of seasoning for your boil, understanding which tax deductions and credits you're eligible for can enhance your return. Whether it's educational expenses, charitable donations, or R&D tax credits, make sure you're getting the full flavor of your entitlements.

  3. Seek Professional Help if Needed: Sometimes, a crawfish boil is too big to handle alone, and the same can go for your taxes. Don't hesitate to consult a tax professional to help navigate the complex tax waters. Their expertise can be the secret ingredient to maximizing your return. If you would like to see if Freese, Peralez, & Associates is a good fit for your company, please visit us online at

  4. Celebrate Your Hard Work: After filing your taxes, why not reward yourself with a well-deserved crawfish feast? It's a Houston tradition, after all! Gather friends and family, and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a spicy, succulent boil that celebrates both your financial diligence and our city's culinary culture.

In Conclusion

In Texas, tax season and crawfish season run almost parallel, offering a unique blend of responsibilities and pleasures. By approaching your taxes with the same passion and preparation as your crawfish boils, you can navigate this season efficiently and even enjoyably. So, let's embrace the warmth of the season, the spice of our boils, and the satisfaction of a well-filed tax return. Here's to a successful tax season and many memorable crawfish gatherings!